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Complete Commercial Door Repair & Replacement

Commercial doors get scuffed, kicked, scraped, and exposed to the elements every single day, so it's not surprising to find that more than a few commercial doors are in need of replacement. If this sounds like something that hits a little too close to home for comfort, then consider an alternative: commercial door repair.
In many cases, a commercial door that is not looking its best, or is no longer as effective from a security standpoint, might be refitted and/or repaired at a very reasonable price. Keep in mind that commercial doors are a major part of any facility's security and temperature control system.
On top of these very practical concerns, one should remember that the aesthetics of a commercial property are always important to visitors, and may be part of their first impression. If your commercial door is in need of replacement or repairs, call Redmond Aviation Lock & Key for professional assistance.

Glass & Aluminum Doors

Glass and Aluminum Doors are available in a variety of different colors, styles and features to fit the requirements of your specific business. ADA Complaint modifications and upgrades are available, and the doors can come with clear or tinted glass. Glass options also include: bullet resistant, dual-glazed/insulated, laminated or tempered. The Glass and Aluminum Doors options can include entry and exit pull or push handles, standard and custom handles, different types of closers, panic devices, lever-style locks and much more
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Herculite Doors

The Herculite Door is a frameless full-glass door that is the most visually appealing and inviting entrance door for businesses. These doors come with a wide range of opening and closing hardware in order to customize the front entrance of your business. The glass thickness ranges from ¼ inch to 1 inch thick, and there are a variety of stylish handles to choose from. There is also brass, bronze, chrome and other finishes available for the top and bottom rails of the doors. Panic Bar options are also available in order to adjust the doors to be an emergency exit if needed. When it comes to repairs of the Herculite Door, they need to be handled safely and cautiously. Trust Redmond Aviation Lock & Key’s many years of experience and expertise with the Herculite Door to keep you and your customers safe, as well as provide a cost effective solution to assure that your door lasts for many years.

Hollow Metal Fire Doors

We offer a wide variety of Hollow Metal Fire Doors, Frames and Hardware in order to assist in promoting safety at your business for you and your customers. The doors are available in 16, 18 or 20 gauges. We also provide fire door testing as well as certification.

Access Controls

Redmond Aviation Lock & Key offers a vast range of different Electronic Door Access Controls for your businesses specific security system needs.

Automated Doors

Automated Doors provide convenient, quick access to your business for your customers, as well as handicap accessibility. We are able to provide a diagnostic and safety test of your automatic glass door in order to conclude what repairs are needed.
  • Stand Alone
  • Network
  • Time Doors
  • Electric Strikes/Buzzer Systems
  • Proximity/Key Card Systems
  • Cypher Locks
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Closed Circuit Television
  • Door King Intercom System for Multi Family Units
Visit our 24-hour locksmiths in Redondo Beach, California, for advice and recommendations on how to secure your building.